Prior to filling any SCBA tank, irrespective of the tanks age, the person filling the tank should inspect the tank prior to filling.

After you bring within your SCBA tank to a Dive shop or other fill location, they may be going to verify 4 or 5 points before they fill the tank.

1. They’re going to check the date the tank was manufactured. They’re going to make certain the tank is significantly less than 15 years old. If it can be then they may move on to step 2. At present SCBA tanks have a 15 year service life. Immediately after 15 years they can’t be refilled by firms that fill tanks. Due to the safety record of your SCBA tanks, Many people are working on a procedure that may extend the service life to 30 years. That is not in-place at this time so the tanks still only have a 15 year service life. Many people with personal compressors might opt for to keep refilling their SCBA tanks following 15 years, that decision is as much as them.

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2. They are going to check for a present hydro test sticker. SCBA tanks need to be hydro tested every single 5 years. In the event the tank is much less than 15 years, and also the sticker is less than 5 years old, they’ll move on to step 3. Older tanks essential a 3year hydro test.

3. They are going to visually verify the tank for indicators of damage. They may be on the lookout for signs like cracks, deep chips that may perhaps of damaged some of the carbon fiber strands, or any exposed and cut strands. Right here is actually a superior link Composite Cylinder Safety – VISUAL Damage

4. They are going to appear to find out if there’s any air within the tank. Any empty tank raises red flags. Usually tanks arrive in the fill place with air in them. If a tank is empty they might not be prepared to fill it unless you have got a great cause for it becoming empty. A superb explanation can be a fresh hydro around the tank.

5. Some places possess a binder, and they are going to attempt to look up the tank to view if you will discover any recalls on the tank model prior to filling. You could perform this search by googling or searching the “DOT-E XXXXX” from the label on the tank. Replace the XXXX using the numbers discovered in your tank

Why do they do all this testing?

SCBA tanks are extremely secure, the chances of something taking place are extremely rare, but stuff can come about. 90% from the time if a tanks were to fail, it takes place throughout the fill course of action. That is certainly why they are so cautious.

My Tank is more than 15 years old, ought to I throw it away?

I wold not, In case you have the area I would recommending just storing it out in the components. Men and women are attempting to extend the service life around the complete carbon wrapped SCBA tanks beyond the existing 15 year mark. If and after they do you may have the ability to get the tank retested and certified for service.

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