Six New Lighting Effects for Final Cut Pro X from Brooklyn Effects

Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn Effects, a new York-based special effects organization, has announced the release of 6 new lighting plug-ins for the well known Final Cut Pro X(TM) non-linear editing application. These effects consist of: lens flares, light leaks, volumetric lighting, shutter streaks, anamorphic streaks and stage lights.

“Sometimes it can be tricky or costly to capture the lighting you want in camera,” Said Jean Moore, CEO of Brooklyn Effects, “We developed our lighting plug-ins for Final Cut Pro X to assist editors build distinct lighting designs that would have already been substantially harder to accomplish through the production phase.”

Generate a stunning, custom lens flare for any scene in Final Cut Pro X with all the Skyline Lights plugin by Brooklyn Effects(TM). Customers can drag and drop the lens flare layer above their footage and make use of the control point to match the position and angle of the light source within the scene.

Learn more info. check out here: Final Cut Pro X Plugins

Nothing captivates just like the lights of NYC. Brooklyn Effects(TM) has produced a plug in for Final Cut Pro X delivering flashes and light leaks adding liveliness to all footage. Not simply is there the light selections, but transitions for FCPX to smoothly adjust from a single clip to one more.

From the center on the planet for your editing station, editors can create brilliant beams of light in their scene with all the Times Lights plugin from Brooklyn Effects(TM). Customers can drag and drop the filter onto their footage in FCPX. Then, make use of the control points to customize the source and path from the beams.

FCPX editors can produce contemporary-looking flashback scenes that don’t depend on aged footage. The Flashback Impact gives film the shutter streaks, colour, and glow of flashbacks located in numerous recent science fiction and action motion pictures.

From action flicks to Sci-Fi films, customers can add anamorphic light refractions to their film using the Light Streak Filter from Brooklyn Effects. This filter was developed to let users to emit add streaking rays of light from the bright areas in their scene, eliminating the will need for composite footage.

Finally, editors can set the stage for your film in Final Cut Pro X working with the 3D lighting tools from Brooklyn Effects. This collection comes with spot lights, point lights and lens flares that can be positioned and angled applying on-screen handle points.

For more details visit here: FCPX


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