Dexter Jackson’s Shredded Training Plan: High-Voltage Intensity To Win!

At the pro level, it takes far more than just genetics to become competitive in the Olympia, let alone win. Under could be the pre-contest instruction program Dexter Jackson utilised to accomplish what few bodybuilders have done – defeat the reigning Olympia Champion.

Write-up Summary:

When it comes to coaching, Dexter Jackson keeps it simple.

Below is definitely the education plan Dexter utilised to win the 2008 Olympia.

Dexter knows his physique and is not afraid to mix points up.

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When it comes to winning pro shows, Dexter Jackson is no stranger to getting his name called out as the champion. With ten pro victories currently beneath his belt, “The Blade” was destined to capture the Sandow – the only trophy that had eluded him all these years.

A victory in the 2008 Olympia would not only imply that Dexter would bank his 11th pro victory, it would forever immortalize him as one of the greatest bodybuilders to walk the face of your earth. Everyone that packed in to the Orleans Arena – including the athletes – on Saturday, September 27, 2008, for the Olympia finals knew that it was Dexter’s night.

The Blade” Was Destined To Capture The Sandow,

The Only Trophy That Had Eluded Him All These Years.

Destroying the stacked Olympia line-up the day ahead of throughout pre-judging, Saturday’s evening show proved to be just for Dexter’s fans and for the judges to confirm what they already knew – a brand new champion was going to become crowned that night.

At the pro level, it takes more than just genetics to be competitive at the Olympia, let alone win. Beneath would be the pre-contest training plan Dexter Jackson applied to accomplish what couple of bodybuilders have performed – defeat the reigning Olympia Champion.

Abs are worked every other instruction session or roughly three times per week. Dexter does 30 minutes of cardio two times every day (AM and PM session), six days per week.


With regards to instruction, Dexter Jackson keeps it simple, even when it came to prepping for the most significant competitors of his career.

Dexter is actually a veteran with the sport, but even with all of his good results he knows the importance of adjusting his training plan to have the ideal final results. Case in point, early on in his profession Dexter had under no circumstances completed cardio and would rarely do any ab workouts.

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